About Us
About Us -

Coast-to-Coast Int'l Corp  was established at Taiwan in 1988.  At the
beginning, we were a trading company exporting Kitchen and Bathroom
products overseas.  After these  years,  we have changed our business
developing "Practical" products to the market.  

Our latest design is Modular Wine Rack system.  With only 4
components, everyone can easily build up a professional Wine Cellar by
himself.  It also patented in Taiwan, China, Germany and USA.  Sincerely
hope that everyone who visits our website will like our design.

If you have any question of our products, please don't hesitate to let us
know.   We will do our best  to fulfill your request.
Specialty -
. Wooden Products
. Porcelain / Ceramic Items
. Chromed Tube / Wire Products
. Drawer Trolley

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